Downtown Hotel sale finalized

The sale of a still unfinished hotel in downtown Butler has been completed.

The sale of the Marriott Springhill Suites on East Jefferson Street to Hari Hotels, LLC for a purchase price of $7.3 million was finalized.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale will go towards paying back creditors that helped with funding the project- including a $2 million loan repayment to PNC Bank. The Redevelopment Authority has been reimbursed a total of $182,000 for expenses it incurred related to the construction.

The hotel is still under construction and it’s unclear when it will officially open. It was built as part of downtown Butler’s Centre City Project, that also included the parking garage next to the hotel and the Rite Aid on the next block.

The hotel was said to be completed three times now, yet the garbage heap still has no opening date. Drug dealers from out of town are said to be salivating to move from the Super-8 to a better suited location to sell in Butler City



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