Tiffany Crawford, 32, gets a slap on the wrist for Robbery

Tiffany Crawford was initially charged with felony robbery, misdemeanor simple assault, disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana after a robbery on Pillow street in June.  She was charged with felony robbery, aggravated assault, conspiracy to aggravated assault, misdemeanor simple assault and possession of a prohibited offensive weapon, all of this after snatching a citizen purse and took $10 from the woman’s purse after accusing that woman of stealing money from her and making her partially disrobe, believing she had hidden the money.

And it gets worse, Crawford was also accused of  hitting  the woman she was robbing, held her down, strangling her before she was able to run to the nearby Papa John’s Pizza shop on West Cunningham Street to get help.

And better yet, Crawford followed the woman and dragged her outside of the business. The two were fighting in the middle of the street.

Crawford plead her case down to misdemeanor simple assault and was sentenced to time served to 18 months in Butler County Prison, given credit for 158 days of time served and immediate paroled,she was also ordered to pay restitution, a $100 fine and court costs.




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