Zach Karns, of Freeport starts a general news hate page for Butler.

Sometimes being bored goes wrong, at times it can be used for good things. Sometimes boredom can be used as a bad thing, today we highlight the middle. Zach Karns of Freeport. Karns has started a page about fake news in Butler, on this page Karns often tells members of his page that people should be “hung” making fun of autistic children  and even said he would start a “go fund me” to “remove” Austin Ayers from life. Some of the posts are to graphic to even post here.

Karns when contacted by email denied he owned this website that has now been HIGHLY edited. Karns was found out by accident, as it turns out the owner of this website has a lawsuit against an individual seeking civil judgement.

Upon the filing of the writ and a subsequent subpoena the ISP for this page was linked direct to Zach Karnes, Karns oddly enough is not named in the current lawsuit that is pending and I suppose this is what is called “collateral damage”

Well Mr Karns, it is not nice to make fun of people and not one day expect to be exposed, I think the owner of this website sure can tell you that. Karns again refused to make a comment, Karns in an email told Butler News that Butler News is a thief and his phone must have been “hacked” But confirmed his phone provider was served with a subpoena.

Shame on you Mr Karns, to run a page online you should never expect anonymity as with a few simple court filings your ISP is turned right over to the person(s) requesting it.

Since this posting went up the page has been removed, Karns first page was named “Kill Butler News and Butler Dispatch” Karns has now went on to start a fake news page with less threats to kill on the page. Now he just posts misguided rants. Karns was also found to be hosting a page on Facebook dedicated to the owner of this page using the Butler Trash name. Upon order Karns shut this page down.

Here are some pictures of Karns if you have fallen victim to him.




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