Local “news page” owner banned from Lenape Vo-Tech (in Ford City) after threatening emails to principal

AUSTIN AYERS, 19 of 601 Evans City Road is at it again.

Disgruntled “news man” and owner of a Facebook page named “from the scene tv” (or whatever it us called this week)AJ Ayers was banned from any and all Lenape Vo-Tech sites after a email fight with the principal of the facility was concerned for the students safety after Ayers sent the Principal close to 300 emails. Sources now confirm that the emails took place after his girlfriend dumped him, after she dumped him Ayers then tried getting the girl expelled from med tech school. Ayers said the school was breaking federal law but using gloves that are not vaccinated.?? I personally don’t understand what that means?

When staff was emailed about this I received the following answer via email.

“Mr Ayers is trespassed from the Ford City location permanently, like all open or pending police investigations were unable to comment on these types of matters. we would suggest to contact the —-Police department for more information. Thank you for your email.”

Ayers has been going off the deep end as of the last few months, he has been bragging on Facebook that he is a police officer, he is bragging just today that he is a fire chief, and now this adds to the list of places he has been banned from.

Sources tell Butler News that this all stemmed from Ayers stalking a woman on campus, after this incident took place Ayers told the principal via email that he could come onto public property and film anyone he wanted. Sources tell Butler News that the emails to the principal were serious enough that the Principal felt the need to call the Police and have Ayers trespassed.

Ayers has been raising so many red flags in the community a “hate page” has popped up entitled From The Scene TV – Butler Dispatch Scam and that can be found on Facebook.

We will try to get more details on this incident-everyone seems to be tight lipped, a right to know request will be submitted to see if any information can be found.

A little update to this, Ayers was accusing the principal of raping his girlfriend-Ayers told members of the community that his girlfriend was cheating with the principal and that he was going to have the principal arrested for rape.

Police told Ayers if he emails, calls or comes back that he will be arrested.

Photo Credit From the scene tv Butler dispatch scam

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