Commissioners To Vote On The Worst Possible County Healthcare Contract For Inmates

The county is expected to approve a multi-million dollar contract next week regarding healthcare services at the Butler County Prison.

The five-year, $6.3 million contract with Wexford Health Services would run through 2022. One can only assume that this vote would be for the provider that can treat the inmates the worst, while making inmates suffer as long as possible.

Wexford Health offered the best services for the lowest cost. The biggest change in the new contract will be the implementation of an electronic medical records system. Currently, all inmate health records are still on paper, you would think the jail would be more worried about providing better coverage for inmates, but nope.




  1. Hold on….Is this saying that the county residents provide health care for inmates?
    Shouldn’t they already have benefits thru their employers or thru the Obamacare plans?


  2. That’s 33 dollars from every man, woman and child in the county.
    And help me out here, but when released they still have no healthcare other than what the residents tax dollars fund for them.
    Another graveyard on Main may be needed!


  3. I have unpaid medical bills and as far as dental I am having real problems with a tooth, pain. I have a job, I have health and dental insurance and cannot afford it. Thanks Obama, fucking gay nigger.


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