Butler Pennsylvania

Fire chief politics for a new ladder truck-then he admits he did not know if it would had helped

Butler City Fire Captain Jim Kaufman said it took about 15 minutes on Wednesday for another department to bring in a ladder truck. Butler Radio asked him if it would the damage be less if the city had one? His answer was “It’s a toss up,” Kaufman said. “We would have had sooner access to the roof if we had one. They had to cut numerous holes in the roof to vent it because there was three rooves and that was one of the problems.”

The four captains of the Butler City Fire Department sent Butler City Council a letter in July 2017 calling the ladder truck a “crucial” piece of equipment that helps keep the citizens of Butler City safe.

The city has had to rely on neighboring volunteer fire departments to provide aerial coverage, which isn’t always reliable because of staffing shortfalls.

The issue is cost. Following the letter, former Mayor Tom Donaldson said the city simply did not have enough money to repair the truck or buy a new one.

I know no one wants to hear the truth in Butler, but there is no way to pay for this truck in Butler city unless there is a large tax hike.

New Mayor Ben Smith could not be reached for comment as he is to assumed to have slept in this morning after a night out running the bar.



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  1. AGAIN, the alternatives for mayor would have been worse. MAYBE they could put ladders on the new light poles. AT least Donaldson was there.


  2. CAN anyone tell me why we need a mayor for anything. IT seems to me that city counsel should be enough no ones to operate city gov. in the way I have seen it being done.


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