Glenda Holsinger is putting $100.00 on someones prison account to have me assaulted??? It does not work like that.

Again, this week, maybe 2018 thus far, I think I might have opened up the idiot asylum. This Glenda woman goes on to boast online that she is placing money on someones prison account to have me assaulted. Now, I have been to jail. I wish I was there now so I could have a relaxing vacation from real life, but I am not there, so how does this work?

Below is the comment left on a persons Facebook page.

“He’s a snitch kenzie. Been in jail several times for child molestation. Abuse of his girlfriend among other things. He’s either sucking off the guards or snitching to get out. Someone bigger and badder is gonna come and really fukk him up.  I’m gonna go pit $100 on someone’s books to take care of his ass’ The right way and then let’s see who’s squealing like the Pig He is.”

I have got to tell ya, the pure level of stupidity in Butler is becoming amazing.

Glenda, putting a hundo on someones books is not going to help you out very much hun. Next time may I suggest if you see something on Facebook pass over the article and do not read it. This way you would save yourself from looking foolish online. If you want to donate $100.00 I know the perfect account, this person will really beat me up, his paypal is Go ahead and send that $100.00 to that email.


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