Local idiot “Jennifer Renee” who told everyone I was in jail,goes full idiot sending me texts and calling me over and over again

Anyone that following this page knows the amount of idiocy I put up with is astronomical. Perhaps the biggest idiot I have had the displeasure to ever deal with has arrived.

After her posting went up and dumbo here realized I was not in jail (why I would be in jail is beyond me) the queen of stupid took to calling me close to 25 times, leaving a wonderful voicemail that I have posted below, she then went on to text me close to 50 times when I would not answer her repeat calls, and then when I answered her after close to 75 combined interactions, this moron went on to tell me she was going to have me arrested for   my harassing text..nope I am not lying, here are some of the screen shots, this actually happened!

Full blown idiot! I seriously have never had to deal with a person so freaking stupid as this one!

Welcome to my world!



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