Michael Brandon owner of “Mickeys Pizza” calls the police on Butler News and others for “internet harassment”

The call Just came into 92 Race Street Butler City, Micheal Brandon has called the Butler City Police on Butler News, saying the page is harassing him due to his recent arrest, due to the comments on the page (I do not police comments) 8:59 PM Police arrived at 9:01 PM –Police unit 1440 cleared at 9:19 Pm

Brandon was just arrested for theft of property, you can see that post by clicking this link. https://butlercitizen.com/2018/01/11/michael-brandon-owner-of-mickeys-pizza-charged-with-rental-property-theft/

As it turns out our rock-star former admin pointed out the fact that Brandon had multiple court appearances for garbage like meters not being fed and being sued civilly  in 2017 and you can see that here by clicking this link below



And here Butler News is already on this report so we can post this online asap!

In an update-I tried to call Brandon last night and he would not return my calls over him not paying employees.

After talking to the Police chief today, Brandon was bitching about the comments and people harassing him, Brandon needs to just pay his employees and no one will “harass” him.




  1. HE owes me $227.00. Never paid me. Mickey goes after everyone on parole and rips them off. Thank you for standing up to this guy! Man we owe you Justin. Someone needs to stand up to him. If we try he make sure claims and tries to get us thrown in jail.


  2. REPORTING THE news is now considered harassment. PEOPLE need to stop buying his pizza. I would not trust buying anything from this guy as it is hard to tell what kind of extra flavoring he puts into the food he sells.


  3. Its not harrassment if moneys owed and your attempting to claim it….sorry mickeys pizza guy!!! You are an ass! Karma will get ya! Kinda looks like it already is.


  4. LOL REALLY! I Have a payroll company,My same employsse worked for me for many years now you think thay work for free? And for the three employsse THAT WERE NOT PAID YET YOU HAVE NO CLUE WHY THAY WERE NOT PAID….. aND FOR YOU JUSTIN YOU HAVE A criminal POLICE RECORD A MILE LONG lol…


  5. Everything reported about this crook is true. He’s a user…used people for inheritances ,never paid a bill in his life, grinder lover 😂


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