Michael Brandon owner of “Mickeys Pizza” charged with rental property theft

Michael Brandon, 57, of Butler was charged with renting property from KENMAC Rental & Sales on South Main Street last fall and not returning the item.

Police said Brandon on Sept. 28 signed a contract to rent a heavy duty string trimmer for one day. The business on Oct. 13 sent Brandon a certified letter advising him to return the property, valued at $396.44, within 10 days, Brandon ignored the letter.

The letter, however, was returned to KENMAC stamped “return to sender, unclaimed, unable to forward.”

Brandon is charged with first-degree misdemeanor counts of theft of leased property and theft of services.

Brandon is known for being a thief and a liar, Brandon is accused of owing 30 past employees money, trading sexual favors with a sex offender, and making threats to over 20 people that worked for him by making false reports to probation and parole that his employees are using drugs so he had to fire them and not pay them.




  1. HE owes me $227.00. Never paid me. Mickey goes after everyone on parole and rips them off. Thank you for standing up to this guy! Man we owe you Justin. Someone needs to stand up to him. If we try he make sure claims and tries to get us thrown in jail.


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