Bruce Bryner is wanted: Police would like to know if you have seen him

Local Bruce Bryner is wanted for not paying his fines and court costs for DUI. Police ask if you have seen Bryner to please report it to your local Police, or call 911.

Butler County Sheriff says Bryner is behind on fines for months and has not been fulfilling his obligation for a DUI conviction.


And again, Butler News is the bad guy for posting a person has or had a warrant. This isn’t even Justin and this person wants to CRY. Take care of your responsibilities and you will not have Warrants pal. It’s not OUR fault that you refused to take care of your court ordered restitution on time.

Anyways, he has been removed from mobile patrol for putting a small payment on his fines.

Although his small fine obligation has been fulfilled for now, you can see this person has violent tendencies as he posted below that he would “assault” the owner of butler news including pulling his out of his car.

I’m usually the one that remains fully open on this blog. But saying something so idiotic is beyond my comprehension. And if he tried I think this would constitute a self defense theory. Nor in my opinion would I think it would be beneficial to this man, who knows?

Somethings should not be posted online, and idle threats are one of those things.

Perhaps this violent person belongs incarcerated.


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