Brandon Gurowski, 25, was sentenced to 1-2 years in prison for jewelry theft

Brandon Gurowski, 25, was sentenced to one to two years in a state correctional facility by county Judge William Shaffer. He was also ordered to serve 60 months state probation following his parole and ordered to pay court costs and $721 in restitution.

Gurowski pleaded guilty Nov. 29 to felony theft. He was also initially charged with felony receiving stolen property, which was dismissed as part of the plea.

State police filed the charges after a report on April 21 that $2,500 worth of jewelry, coins and other items were stolen from a home in Brady Township.

The victim, Kimberly McKinney, told police that four rings, a pearl necklace and another necklace were among the property that went missing at her house on Hallston Road.

Police said they went to the store and recovered McKinney’s jewelry, valued at $1,800.

McKinney told investigators that her daughter spoke to Gurowski by telephone and he admitted taking the property on April 21 and selling it at an area jewelry store.



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