David Beilstein, 34, arrested after he broke into four sheds on Bullcreek road

David Beilstein, 34, of Butler was arrested after he broke into four sheds on the 700 to 900 block of Bullcreek Road and Wendell Lane.

Police found Beilstein following a two-hour search that began with a call for a man seen walking around a half dozen homes on the 100 block of Wise Road and on Bullcreek Road.

A homeowner out to walk his dog spotted the defendant and notified authorities.

Officers tracked Beilstein in the snow through woods and farm fields before nabbing him.

He was arraigned on four felony charges of trespass as well as six misdemeanor charges of loitering and prowling at night and other misdemeanor charges of agricultural trespass and criminal mischief.

Beilstein was placed in the Butler County Prison on $10,000 bail following arraignment.




    • He was just arrested again on Feb 3 back in jail. In a 50000 bond . & his mother sticks up for his ass. Then she fights with me & puts my sons 3 yr mug shot on her fb then tells everyone he’s wanted for theft. No he’s definitely not wanted for that. He’s wanted for not reporting in last Thursday to his po after his po drop him off at the house from the bar then said see ya Thursday. Well he never reported in so I guess you do something that stupid my son needs to sit. I cut the belly chord off 25 yrs ago. So she can say whatever she wants she’s such a childish woman.


  1. I know this whole family. Karen, David and Candis. the mom turned the kids against their own father and turned her new husband into her puppet and doesn’t allow him to associate with any of his children in tenessee! Then she forces her own son david to not father his own baby girl because she doesnt like the mom because the mom doesnt put up with the shit drugs and lies and broke up with that david. Karen is a pathelogical liar and is still in love with ron. Trys to pretend to be friends with rons bombshell wife to keep him close i know it. Evil and needs to leave the beilsteins the hell alone!


    • Your all jokes, I knew them for a life time including the beilstins daves better off there than around his nutty x or any of you guys obviously. Oh and Tammy B. Lmfao reread put your real name up or initials. And Patty I know josh and Tanya and there both drug addicta and thiefs and no better than David so get checked public knowledge. As far as belly chord stop hidding your kids and putting them in rehab so they don’t have to go to jail and from what I was just told his po officer is family and he needs turned in. You all just as bad get a life stop making us pay for your guys meth and subs so don’t you all try and pretend to be something your not butlers a small town and it sucks.


  2. Wow, Grow up get lives and know the facts, Haha good one pick on miss cause she’s doing good dumb shit, she prob can’t stand you don’t be hateing. Oh and Ty Butler sucks there drama ya Dave did wrong and will pay. atleast we don’t make all the lies and exscuses n throw temper tantrums on FB like the rest of them and try to blame everybody and everything for all his or our problems 🙂 gawd I was warned misery loves company! I’ll not throw stones n names they all know who they are as do the rest of us. Sad.


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