Butler News breaks the story that Terri Schultz, ADA, invoked her position and told Butler police officers not to prosecute her boyfriend during a dui traffic stop

Officers Caleb Forsythe, Kory Fleming and Sgt. Ben Spangler were present and filed internal reports, including a narrative of the call.

According to Spangler’s report, Schultz exited the vehicle after they pulled over on Dingham Road and was visibly intoxicated.

She said that she was going to call District Attorney Richard Goldinger and stated that “she would get this taken care of,”

In their reports, both Fleming and Forsythe also wrote that Schultz was intoxicated and had called Goldinger from the scene, saying that he would “take care of” or “handle” the situation.

After being told she was in no condition to drive, she allegedly mocked officers and screamed “arrest me,” Spangler’s report said.

Bryan Fundark, 45, of Jefferson Township was driving a car that was pulled over by city officers at 11:52 p.m. Nov. 30 on North Main Street for swerving and driving with its lights off, according to the affidavit of probable cause in his arrest.

Schultz was a passenger in the car, according to internal police documents.

No criminal charges have been filed and Schultz is not under internal investigation after the incident, Richard Goldinger would not comment when asked about the arest or the abuse by his employee. Remember this Butler, Goldinger is the next one in line when Doerr goes out.



  1. Only in Butler do government officials think they are better than the same ppl they put behind bars. You two should go to jail and all the rest of the public would have to go through. Fry bitches. But of course great old Butler will just bury this like all the other trash there


  2. […] According to county records, this was not Fundark’s first DUI: No, this was his second offense. Compounding that he blew an amazingly high breathilizer test, while his girlfriend, Assistant District Attorney Terri Shultz, sat in the car beligerently squealing at her boss D.A. Richard Goldinger to get them out of it. Yes, cops would later determine that she was too drunk to drive:  After being told she was in no condition to drive, she allegedly mocked officers and screamed “arrest me,” Spangler’s report said. CITATION […]


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