Butlerite of low intelligence insists I’m incarcerated

And we have another, one more Facebook lawyer by night, minimum wage employee and loser by day. I’ll just throw the pics up of this one. Thankfully she will have her looks to get her through life. I’d guess she will have a few kids by baby daddies soon and living the welfare dream.

Oh and tard. I went on a vacation. That’s things people with money do. See we take vacations when it is cold.



  1. Don’t come at someone because of their job. Atleast she’s trying to work. Whether if she were right or wrong that makes you worse than her.


      • Personality makes a person better. Coming at someone’s job who’s atleast working is kinda just childish and stupid. I mean she may have been wrong, but that’s just… uhm yeah like I said childish… Keep it to news and correct some flaws in some articles. Seems more like a drama page to me lol might as well rename it to butler trash 2.0 if you don’t want to actually be strictly news. I don’t see butler eagle writing about people who hate them. Keep it business and news. quit being a baby.


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