Former County Probation Officer Bill Starnes might know how to mow a lawn in a bullet proof vest, but he does not know how to file a rtk

Bill Starnes husband of Crystal Starnes whom is in litigation with President Judge Thomas Doerr, has sent her husband Bill on a mission, the mission would be (we assume) filing multiple right to know requests wrong.

Bill might be good at mowing his lawn in a bullet proof vest as I have witnessed on oak street with my own eyes, but he is horrible at filing right to know requests.



  1. known him all my life. never did he or his mom live there. I think you need to substantiate your claims if your going to publicize them.


    • I am willing to bet I have pictures of him somewhere mowing the grass driving the probation chevy, maybe he was fucking an old woman that lived there? Either way, he was there and lived there for years as we all made fun of the idiot mowing grass strapped. My old flip phone probably has pics of it, and i have sat on the porch with the man multiple times. 100 percent bill.


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