The absolute best comment from girl impersonating a giraffe while we were on vacation

Congrats. Here is an excerpt from an idiot.

He’s trash and is just as guilty if not more of the people he tries to trash!! Why would these earnings be reported to the IRS? He’s trash and obviously breaks allllll kinds of law’s so yeah I doubt any of his money he makes from his fake news is counted for!! Hell he can’t even get the amount he made for just this month right!! Lmao.. He blocks and deletes anyone who talks truth or calls him out on his BS!! He’s trash and needs a reality check!!!

I find it amazing of some of the comments I got this week. Meanwhile I’ve done nothing more then taken a break.

You know stupid people, it’s VERY easy to find out the amount this website makes, where the money is paid to. VERY easy unless you’re STUPID.

I suspect the only ones that care about my pocket book are broke bitches that refuse to work or support their kids without welfare. Just a thought.

So, I’m back, and here is the perfect week after a ten day needed vacation

Welfare rules!


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