Butler Pennsylvania

Assistant District Attorney Terri Schultz mixed up with her boyfriends November 30th DUI arrest.

A few questions immediately jump to mind here-

Obviously Schultz trying to assert her official position is totally unacceptable and unethical. What though are the ethical ramifications of her possibly instructing her boyfriend to refuse field sobriety tests? Obviously by doing so he expects to fight the charges in court. How can Schultz not be in violation of her ethical obligations as a prosecutor knowing her boyfriend was well over twice the legal limit?

Schultz called District Attorney Goldinger from the scene. Again it is totally unethical for her to suggest that Goldinger would “take care of it”, but what was Goldinger’s reaction to the call? What did he instruct his ADA to do? Did he talk to the arresting officers? Did he come to the scene?

How has Schultz not been dismissed or disciplined in any way for this? It is a case of clearly attempting to abuse her position to protect a loved one who was caught breaking the law.

The Courthouse is a mess. There seems to be a total lack of moral leadership.



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  1. I think it time for Schultz to be relived of her duties. This was purely an attempt at an abuse of power. The officer was only doing what he is paid to do. She had no cause to give him sure harassment. Believe me Schultz will do it again.


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