Attorneys for Buffalo Township and Nationwide insurance are attempting to get a lawsuit filed by a Buffalo Township couple dismissed

The lawsuit, filed by Edward and Audrey Cramer, aged 69 and 66, in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, seeks unspecified monetary damages. This happened after the idiots that work at the Buffalo Township Police department raided the home looking for weed.

Attorneys representing the Buffalo Township police officers, in an answer to the complaint filed Jan. 11, denied many of the allegations.

The response states that the officers’ “actions were lawful, justified and/or privileged,” “reasonable and warranted under the circumstances,” “conducted in accordance with and pursuant to a lawful search warrant” and “without the intent to violate plaintiffs civil rights.”

So basically, the attorneys representing these scum bags go onto say that the police can and will raid your home without probable cause of knowledge.

The response denies that officers ever treated the Cramers in a forceful manner, and denies placing either under arrest, though they were held in custody and handcuffed.

It also denies that the Cramers were held in the back of a hot police car for several hours, saying that they were detained for under an hour in the vehicle and later allowed back inside the home while police conducted the search.

To read more about this disgusting abuse of power and pure idiocy here are the past links, click the links below to read more.




  1. IF this goes to trial, people will see what bozos these cops are. TOWNSHIP would be better off to pay the settlement, FIRE the cops and learn a lesson on the right way to handle these issues.

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  2. Usually I support the police but in this case I believe these officers were in the wrong and should be punished. Shame on these police especially Sgt Hess. Another thing I don’t think I would buy Nationwide insurance because they support such an idiot agent. I don’t think their standards are that high.


  3. This cop is an asshole like all other low life cops. What would he do if the other low life cops raided his parent’s house and treated them the way his treated there people. Scott Hess should be ashamed of what he did. He needs to go face to face with the people and apologize to them. Like I say, give them a badge and a gun, then they think they rule the world. Watch your steps, beware, karma will get you!!!

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