City Considers Budget Revisions -New Mayor needs better lighting outside of his bar

Butler City Council will vote to introduce a new version of the 2018 budget at their meeting Thursday that includes revised expected revenue figures.

Councilman Kenny Bonus is in favor of paying employees what they deserve but he recognizes the value of conservative revenue estimates.

Butler City Council is not expected to take action on raising parking rates in the near future but they must vote on the first reading of this revised budget during their meeting Thursday night.

The city currently has about $54,000 in an account above what was needed for electricity in 2017 and that money can be used to pay for other lighting expenses, like street light replacement.

City Council previously passed a version of the 2018 budget that included a 1 mill decrease in the street lighting tax but could choose to return that tax to the 2017 level on Thursday.




  1. The mayor should change his new cigar bar and speakeasy into a swing club and sex-easy. Who needs escorts when you can play for free?

    He could invite all the big players in swinging; lawyers, non-profit executives, small business owners, and teachers. It would be a hoot and profit maker.


    • I know of whom you speak. One particular group is dumb as a box of rocks. The wife of the couple very recently went on vacation to see her mom, and took her female swinger lover with her. One has to wonder if her mom knows what they were doing at night under her roof. It appears the parties involved are too stupid to keep their swing life separate from their vanilla life. Perhaps the lines can cross occasionally, but inviting your swinger playmate to meet your mom, as far as I could tell, no sign of the husband anywhere close.


  2. City council considering $200K loan for vehicles
    Butler City Council will vote on borrowing $2000,000 to buy vehicles for the police, zoning and code and street departments at today’s regular meeting.
    THESE people act like they won the multi million lottery. BUTLER IS going to be in such deep dept the town will never see day light WITH these morons in office.


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