Marc Pippens Jr, 28, gets time served for baseball bat attack

Marc Pippens Jr, 28, was sentenced to time served to one year in jail, and was immediately paroled.

Pippins also faces a probation violation case in Allegheny County, and will be returned there to face that case.

He was also ordered to pay court costs.

The misdemeanor charge to which he pleaded was later added, and the remaining charge was dismissed as part of the plea.

The charges were filed by the Butler police after a report that Pippens attacked his ex-girlfriend’s father with a baseball bat, causing the 59 year-old Richard Kroll to be hospitalized with a head injury.





    • Well they have the exact same name sooo….his father is a rapist. He raped me and I now regret not going to the police immediately. I kinda wanted to forget it even happened. But he went to ppl I know bragging that he fucked me. When they came to me about it I let them know it wasn’t consensual. But my so-called friends still hang with him. I can’t turn back time but I will tell anyone that brings him up what he is. I regret not doing anything about it because I’ve heard I’m not the only one he’s done it to. For that I’m sorry. He raped me in front of my 9 month old daughter and I was kind of in shock.


  1. I feel for you chelsie I’ve heard he raped many girls let alone he is on the streets pushing the dope on everyone but butler DA lets it happen seems DA is okay with the pippens family poisoning our youth and raping our women very sad butler allows this behavior sorry again and what a sicko assaults a women to begin with let alone in front of a child


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