Butler Pennsylvania

Alleged pervert accused of spying on women changing cloths

29-year-old Derek Krallman is charged with four misdemeanor counts of invasion of privacy.

Police said Krallman on Jan. 19 sith foecretly set up the laptop computer video camera in the bedroom of a woman, the alleged victim, at her home on Howes Run Road.

The woman’s child discovered the spy camera set up the next day.

“The laptop was located beside her bed,” “and the cam was located on her dresser directed at an area where the victim would change clothes.”

She acknowledged that she allowed him in her house Jan. 19 but she knew nothing about the webcam.

Police said they subsequently obtained a search warrant to allow them to access and review the four videos captured by the hidden camera.

The first video, documents said, showed the defendant testing the angle of the webcam. The second video “shows the victim in the room changing.”

A preliminary hearing in the case is set for Feb. 14 at the office of District Judge Sue Haggerty in Saxonburg.

Credit Cbs Pittsburgh




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