Butler City Council Introduces Adjusted Budget

Butler City Council has introduced a new version of the 2018 budget that includes a tax adjustment and revised expected revenue figures.

In this new budget, revenues and expenses are equal at just over $9 million.  This budget also includes a return to the 2017 street lighting tax rate of 3.25 mils. That tax had been decreased by 1 mil in the previous version of the budget approved by council in December. The tax difference will only be about $8 for the average city homeowner.

Council members decided to fix wages for city employees at the same rate that they were in 2017, except for two employees who they agreed had been paid less than they deserved. The remaining city employees could receive salary increases depending on the results of ongoing negotiations with the city police and firefighters unions.

Council also approved a motion to look into a $200,000 loan that would be used to purchase two police cruisers, a five ton dump truck for the streets department, and a car for city code enforcement officers. The loan would be payable over a two-year term.

Those vehicles are expected to be purchased and in use by the end of March.



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