Disgraced former council member starts a drug watch, when there is one already

Butler City is now proud to have two drug watches, this drug watch will be run by the disgraced fat umpa lumpa herself Kathy Kline. We suspect she is doing this as she is a firehouse killer and feels bad. As a pug owner, Kathy is the only person in the world that owns a pug-and the pug hates her.

A meeting to create a Neighborhood Drug Watch will be held at 7 p.m. in the Public Safety Building on North Washington Street tonight.

Spearheading the effort is Kathy Kline, a former three-term member of Butler City Council, who thankfully got voted out as she has no grasp on reality said city police and officials are supporting the organization. Even if they are supporting the one run by republicans. Kline fails to mention this.

The idea behind the drug watch is for residents to notify police, by calling 911 or sending an email to a new police account,(because the old police account broke I guess)  if they see a drug sale or drug activity in their neighborhood.

Kline then says the dealers will just move on, we at Butler News suspect Kline ate herself into a drunken bender after saying something so idiotic.

Mayor Ben Smith, Councilman Corey Roche, who heads the public safety department, and police Lt. Chad Rensel will be speaking at the meeting.

Smith is somehow expected to raise taxes somehow during this meeting. If anyone can do it Ben can.

Residents will also be encouraged to call 911 to report suspicious activity. Because before when residents saw something suspicious they dialed?? (I would think it would have been 911)

Kline said residents are reluctant to call 911 for anything except emergencies such as fires and accidents, Kline also failed to say whom her source was after making this idiotic comment, why is it idiotic? Police calls skyrocketed last year. DUH!

Wednesday’s meeting will focus on law enforcement, but future meetings will delve into education and ways to get addicts into recovery programs. Because the other 400 programs and such are just not good enough to make people aware at this point.

Kline is PATHETIC. This is a pathetic attempt for this old broad to stay relevant. The old coot needs to go home and shut the hell up, she added nothing to the city for years, and the only thing she is adding now is wasting peoples times. And this is the reason why this out of touch idiot is now gone from the city.

Kline is about as two faced as it gets, but we will save that for another day.

Resident man beast



  1. You know there are very few times that ill call you on the carpet about…but your view point of Kathy Kline is not okay… She held that position for somewhere around 16 years… She fought hard to help people… And she did succeed on many topics … For a short time she was my neighbor… I never heard her say an unkind or disrespectful word about anyone… And as for her Pug she takes very very special care of that dog and it does love her very much!


  2. Old Russia hand feels need to warn””
    Butlerite’s of the can of worms they are about to open with Cuban style”Block watch”,spy on your neighbor,make unfounded allegations against people they don’t agree with.
    Seems to me that weren’t you warned about the horrors of living under the Communists with their”Block watches.”
    Perhaps it’s time to make the hard choices like having needle exchange programs so at least the incidence of disease is reduced or eliminated.
    Perhaps making Di-acetyl Morphine a legal substance that addicts would have access to under tight control.
    Your seeing the results of not doing this with the increase in crimes against humanity


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