Butler City Police Sgt who assaulted a hand cuffed inmate-given his job back as a City Police Sgt if he wants it

Breaking, A source has confirmed with Butler News that SGT Mayhugh will be returning to the force

Butler city council on Feb. 23rd fired Mayhugh, who was the police union president, citing misconduct.

In brief here is what happened to get him fired, to read the full article click this link.


From the Feb 2017 article

Nicholas Campbell, 34, has an extensive criminal record and I mean a record that makes mine look good it is so bad. Campbell was arrested for the multitude of times on February 12th.

Upon being taken into the Butler County Prison City Police sergeant William Mayhugh  was seen dragging the cross eyed freak and hitting him one time while he was handcuffed in the Prisons sally-port.

The case was sent to Butler County District attorney who patted Mayhugh on the ass and presumably told him “good job” District Attorney Goldinger after seeing the footage says he has no problem with a police officer punching a handcuffed man, and there would be no criminal charges filed. (If anyone from the public did this they would be in jail)

Butler city council on Feb. 23rd fired Mayhugh, who was the police union president, citing misconduct.

Mayor Uncle Tommy D,  voted to terminate the officer, declined to comment due to a union grievance being filed on Mayhugh’s behalf. Butler News asked Uncle Tommy D about this incident and was promptly ignored. (As always)

Councilmen Kathy Kline and Michael Walter, who opposed the firing, also declined to comment. Kline is busy looking for a fire hose to run over tonight and was to busy to reply to any messages Butler News sent for comment.”

William Mayhugh was then given a job by his good buddy and blow up figurine Mike Sloop who basically promoted this man for his actions of assaulting a inmate while handcuffed on video. Sloop thought that was pretty nifty we can all assume.

Click this link to read more about his hiring at the sheriffs office.


It is unknown if Mayhugh will return to the City Police or continue to be a Sheriff





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