Butler Pennsylvania

Mayor hopes cancer center brings people into the City Of Butler

Butler’s mayor sees the benefits of a medical facility planned for the Pullman Square area.

“Right now, we have a vacant piece of property. If you look at other places where hospitals or treatment centers are, there are tons of other services that need to pop up around them in order to help service the individuals who go there, who work there, etc.,” Butler Mayor Ben Smith said in an interview with Butler Radio.

“People who work there are going to be paying their employment tax but then they’re also going to need somewhere to go to lunch. Maybe they need a doctor nearby where they work because that’s when doctors are open. So, there are going to be opportunities for growth because of that center to bring people into that area that wouldn’t otherwise have a reason to come to Butler.

A statement from Allegheny Health Network to Butler Radio explains that the center “will be a one stop-shop for patients needing cancer treatment.” Once the center is completed, AHN officials says patients will not “have to travel long distances to get the best cancer treatment available.”



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  1. Want to get people into Butler? Clean up the crime, get rid of the drugs, quit catering to and worrying about the drug addicts. Rein in all the corruption. Maybe the city and county should be more concerned about the rights and safety of the tax paying citizens who don’t do drugs and obey the laws. That would possibly work. get rid of that ridiculous drug addict memorial and put something useful on that lot, like some Porta Johns and an old fire hydrant for my dog to pee on.


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