State Updates Following Opioid Declaration

Two weeks into a statewide opioid emergency declaration made by Governor Tom Wolf, state agencies continue to coordinate efforts to make progress in the fight against this epidemic.

The Opioid Operational Command Center is headquartered at the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, known as PEMA.

“There are daily coordination calls with the 10 agencies directly involved in the declaration.

While encouraged by the initial results of this focused effort, these agencies continue to collaborate on adding tools to measure how effectively goals are being met. According to Barishansky, there is reason to hope for those struggling with addiction.

“To all Pennsylvania families suffering from this disease, please know treatment works. Recovery is possible. And we must continue to have hope for our families, hope for our communities, and hope for our commonwealth,” he said.

Governor Wolf’s Emergency Declaration will continue through the second week of April.

Partial credit Butler Radio



One comment

  1. follow the money! big pharma makes it. doctors prescribe it. those in public office get campaign funds from big pharma. its a big circle. opium production is up 9000% since we went into afghanistan! we have an epidemic.. hmmmm. anyone want to guess? in last two years many heads of DEA have left that agency and gone to big pharma. drugs must pay more than stopping them


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