Current Sheriff William Mayhugh unsure if he will return to the City Police after

William Mayhugh, a Butler police sergeant who was fired by the city last year, has the right to return to the department — although he is still undecided.

Mayhugh, in an interview Wednesday with the Butler Eagle, said he is talking with Mayor Ben Smith and other officials to decide if and when he will return to the department.

Mayhugh was fired after being captured on camera punching a hand cuffed inmate at the County Jail, he was given his job back after the union fought it out for Mayhugh normalizing assaulting a hand cuffed inmate.

Mayhugh wrote that he chose not to comment publicly about the incident and let the grievance process run its course.

“The lengthy process I went through to prove my position was vindicated by the decision of the neutral arbitrator,” he said in the statement.

The arbitrator ruled that Mayhugh is entitled to return to his position as sergeant and will be “made whole” for pay that he missed during his 11 months away from the department.

If interested in viewing the disgusting video of this officer assaulting a hand cuffed inmate, the Butler Eagle has the video posted on their website



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