As a recovering addict, I know how it feels to be shunned by the rest of the world. I did things I never imagined in a million years that I would do. The cycle of addiction is such a hopeless and lonely place. As an addict I was never in my right mind! I pray for all that are still struggling and out there! One of our jobs here on Earth is to pray and most importantly love our brothers and sisters as God loves us! You never know what someone is going through or what they have been through. I also pray for our homeless brothers and sisters! It makes me sick to see the way some people turn their nose up when they see a homeless person. When I was homeless I met some of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life! I heard about the Bible a lot more from my homeless friends on the street than I ever did from anyone else! The worst thing in the world is being kicked in the gut when you’re already down! Redirect all of the negative things you say and turn them into prayers 4 people. #love #prayer #change #hope

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  1. I see a lot of negative comments on this page about a lot of things. Encouragemt is hard to come by and you’ve said it very well. Why can people write all the discouraging things, but when it comes to something positive, they are quiet?


  2. the reason for negative comments is due to none of these addicts ever take responsibility for their actions. crying its a disease, yada yada yada. life is about choices. some in life make choices to better themselves. some to make things worse. anyone with any sense of reasoning/ common sense would see drugs and booze are bad. its like hitting your thumb with a hammer and saying ” oh it won’t hurt me” society did not do this to you. you do it to yourself. not many can do it and stay off it. one of the problems with organized religion is your still not responsible for your actions. and this from church leaders taking your money to pay off those they molested as children!


    • Addiction is a compulsion to use. An addict knows they shouldn’t use but can’t help themselves. While they are going through the process of getting their drug and using it they know they shouldn’t be doing it but they literally cannot stop themselves, regardless of the consequences. This is what separates addicts from casual users. Unless you have felt this compulsion first hand you can’t understand it. Speaking for myself, I’m not asking to be coddled in any way. Just don’t call me a piece of shit because of this compulsion that I’m doing everything I can to try and control. Drug addiction is not a choice. I wish it was. Then it’d be easier to stop.


      • Great, so you are repaying everyone you took something from, helped put your supplier in prison and generally are making up for all the crap you put your family and friends through?


  3. In defense of Beelzebub, why should he, I or anyone feel bad for addicts? Did someone force the drugs on them, or was it just a crutch to help them through life. Will the addict repay those they stole from? Will they make amends to those they hurt? Will they help put away the drug dealers they purchased from ? How will they correct a physically or mentally disabled child they fathered or mothered who will never be normal due to their drug use. How can that nasty Ho who for the lack of better words was the mother and that waste of of flesh Lambing ever be able to make up for the horror little Bentley had to endure then die? Sympathy for an addict, child molester, drug dealer could only be one thing, a quick painless execution.


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