Local “news” page owner bends his license plate- blames it on firefighters

What can only be classified as an idiotic meltdown, Austin Ayers,18, of 601 Prospect Road has fallen even farther off the deep end.

Ayers who for some reason was out of bed before noon today, posted at 8am that someone had snuck onto his property and perfectly bent the license plate on a non running dilapidated car.

Going on in his post to blame this on Firefighters. It’s a disgusting claim, and a false one. So here is the truth.

Ayers has multiple cameras around his shack like Home. Anyone that went onto Ayers property would have been captured on camera. When Ayers was asked to release the camera footage he banned the person asking the question from his page.

Bending a license plate perfectly would take at least 5 minutes. Has anyone ever tried to bend a license plate? Let alone in thirds.

Ayers is having a clear mental health meltdown, Ayers has trashed everyone for the last few weeks. Now this kids asking for pitty because he is being harassed. Grow up!

Why someone would lie and pick a fight with fire fighters that risk their lives to save assholes like you is beyond me. I’m guessing it’s because this fake police officer was kicked out of that department.

Ayers is becoming a danger to society. PSP has him under two investigations for harassment to women, acting as a police officer.

Ayers will only be stopped when the day comes that he is either assaulted badly, or arrested. Rest assured, one of those days are coming soon.


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