BC3 Police charge a woman for swearing at police-problem is that is legal.

Crystal Williams, 33, of East Pittsburgh was charged with three misdemeanors after they say she hurled expletives at an officer and berated a 911 dispatcher all over her refusing to vacate a parking space that she had her car parked in legally.

BC3 Police Sgt. Michael Pearson came upon Williams about 10:40 a.m. Monday while on parking enforcement duty. She was seated in a car in one of the campus lots

Her car was in a space reserved for visitors, police said. Pearson advised her that she was not permitted there and had to move.

The officer said Williams in a “hostile agitated tone” asked him where she could park since all the other spaces were full. He gave some suggestions and she replied, “OK.”

The officer told her that since she ignored him, he would have to write her a ticket. “I don’t care, write the fucking ticket,” she responded, according to court documents.

He did, and again advised her to move or face further action, possibly having her car towed.

Pearson noted that during the incident, the defendant called 911 three times, claiming to be the victim of harassment and “police brutality.”

ACLU lawyer Mary Catherine Roper says state troopers issued more than 700 disorderly conduct citations for cursing in a recent one-year span, and local police hundreds more. But she says the speech is legal as long as it’s nonthreatening.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court years ago deemed such speech legal as long as it’s neither threatening nor obscene, Roper said.



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