Butler Pennsylvania

Heroin investigation ends with guilty pleas-taking a trip on the blue bus

Vernon Daniels Jr, 29, of Natrona Heights, pleaded guilty to two felony counts of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. (Heroin)

The plea agreement calls for a sentence of 2½ to 6 years in state prison, restitution, fines and costs. He is scheduled for sentencing on March 22.

State police filed the charges after a traffic stop on Route 356 near Monroe Road in Buffalo Township.

The vehicle was pulled over after police ran the license plate and found it belonged to a different vehicle.

During the stop, police said the driver was seen throwing something out the window, which was later found to be a plastic bag of suspected marijuana.

Daniels acknowledged that he did not have a license and it didn’t take long for police to learn that he also was wanted on a warrant.

A search of Daniels turned up 200 stamp bags of heroin that he had hidden under his clothes.

Lol witf



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  1. mini beard again lol what an idiot. I still say when dealers are picked up with drugs, they should be made to do them ALL on the spot. problem solved


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