State Senator Wants To See Dissolution Of Pa. Turnpike Commission

A resolution put forward by a local lawmaker could lead to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission being dissolved and combined with PennDOT.

“I personally believe that we do not need a Turnpike Commission anymore,” State Senator Scott Hutchinson, a republican who represents the 21st district, said. “There’s a lot of redundant costs there. The turnpike commission itself was set up for one reason: to build the original turnpike.”

Sen. Hutchinson’s resolution would direct the Joint State Government Commission to undertake a study about consolidating the two agencies, which have similar missions and responsibilities, according to the lawmaker. The 18-month study would result in a final report with findings of fact, recommendations and possible legislative solutions.

According to Hutchinson, the turnpike commission currently operates without much oversight, which has resulted in waste and escalating rates. He says consolidation could solve those problems.

The turnpike is estimated to have $17 billion in debt by 2022, mostly due to annual funding contributions to PennDOT required by law.




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