Butler Pennsylvania

Austin Ayers,19, arrested for soliciting Ryan Ehram,17, to “shoot up” my house

Austin Ayers,19, is accused of soliciting Ryan Ehrman, 17, of Butler to “shoot up” the home of Justin Castilyn  The incident took place at 11:36 at night on Friday, and was captured on Castilyns cameras.

Ayers, later posted on his Facebook page that he had “filled” the home’s windows with BBs. At the time of the incident two adults were home and two children were sleeping. No one was hurt after Ayers and his friend fired the shots at the home. No windows were busted either.

When state troopers entered my home I showed them the metal BB casing and the camera footage.

Ayers then called Castilyn at least 60 times on Friday night, Terri Ayers was in the back ground of said calls screaming at the top of her lungs that “Butler dispatch is number one” fuck the Butler Eagle, fuck Butler News” Ayers, Ehrman in said phone calls demanded that the Butler Eagle and Butler News close because he is number one and we are all “fake news” (Yes I have hours of recordings of the phone calls that he consented me to record)

Shortly after 2am multiple state troopers showed up at Ayers home on 601 Prospect Road. Arrested Ayers, and Arrested Ryan Ehrman,Terri Ayers could also face charges of harassment due to her calling Castilyn close to 50 times in one night making threats. At 2:49 am State Troopers called Castilyn while Ayers was in custody.

Upon arrest Ayers was strapped with an illegal stun gun and the BB Gun that fired into Castilyns home. He admitted possessing the device, which is illegal in Pennsylvania.

Ehrman said Ayers gave him the gun late Thursday night and told him “just do it. Ehrman then took off so fast he wrecked his chevy Cavalier into a pole on route 356 due to the roads being bad that night.

Sue Haggerty arraigned Ayers on felony charges of conspiracy to commit the crimes of discharging a firearm into an occupied structure and reckless endangerment.

Additionally, he is charged with two misdemeanors llegal possession of an electric or electronic incapacitation device and conspiracy to commit reckless endangerment.

Austin Aryers



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  1. JUSTIN, SORRY to say, but I don’t think you have heard the last from this creep. YOU and your family will have to be on your guard as long as he is able to walk the streets. AJA takes pride in his deep hate and no moral compass which will not be solved by incarceration. AS he has proven over and over again, AJA does not take into account the results of his lunatic actions before he does things.


      • If you let wanna be fuck boys (weepingly pathetic) storm your gates, you’re no better than AJ Ayers. Send a message. Harassment is illegal. Even though he was a sped in high school, it doesn’t legitimize the fact that you can stalk and harass. You don’t know right from wrong at his age, that’s fine, they’ll leave the light on at some behavioral health center. Stalking and harassment is wrong. End of story


    • IT is tempting to come back at you with something degrading, but I am not going to lower my standards. I will tell you this; Jesus, Lord of Heaven and Earth has a message for you to repent and turn to him before it is to late or you will pay for your sins in an eternity of hell. This is not what GOD Wants for you and neither do I, but the choice is yours for now. NO one knows when their last breath will be and the choice ends at that point. I used to be the same way as you are now so I know where you are at in your actions. I am grateful GOD changed that for me and I would like to see the same for you.


    • YOU got your message. SORRY to say, but you know nothing about GOD or you would pay attention the the message he gave you. GOD keeps me in check, not you.


      • BY the way, I won’t be doing anymore posting, so you can save your time. I hope you take the warning GOD gave you serious.


  2. Willy don’t be so silly. You say this once a week. We break up more than a high school couple. Whats it gonna be brother. Your just gonna make a new name and post tomorrow. Quit your belly aching. God f7cking dammit I don’t think I got any missed calls or messages from God. Maybe he can meet me at summerslam brother. I’ll throw his aßs of the top ropes


  3. stun guns are not illegal! they are a self defense weapon. as with a gun its illegal to use as offensive weapon. so your statement about illegal stun gun is incorrect. if a person is a felon they may not have one! but they can be owned and carried by anyone else for self defense only


  4. As you continue to post Willy know that GOD just spoke to me and he said your a thin skinned dress wearing little girl that even the dead miss Elizabeth could destroy! Stop telling me someone else is gonna do your dirty work WLE must stand for Willy loves ejeculation


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