Local “News Page” owner Austin Ayers arrested-my statement


On Friday 2/2/2017 Austin Ayers was arrested for various felonies. Yes Butler I am involved in this mess, Ayers took a online rib that was all in good fun way to far. So here is my only statement.

I have decided not to talk to any press that has been calling, and this will be the only statement.

Ayers has shown some troubling actions as of late-as everyone knows I am on his page 20 times a month for whatever, usually my old criminal record. Who cares.

Ayers for more then a month has been stalking me, following me, he was seen on my cameras on multiple occasions hiding in my tree line. Ayers was caught on camera taking video of my camera system. It is BEYOND me WHY you would knowingly record my security system knowing I could see you doing this. Ayers then sent me several messages with the exact details of my security system. I let this go.

Ayers then targeted my girlfriend. Out of the blue making contact with her basically threatening to cause her to lose her job, call CYS on her. And called and messaged her place of employment trying to cause issues.  It did not cause issues but at that time her employer was very concerned about the messages that Ayers sent in and advised us to get the police involved.

Ayers then called my old probation officer over 30 times to make reports that I was doing drugs and such. When his attention seeking did not work with me, he attacked the Police, acted as a Police officer and attacked firefighters and ems for no reason. Even accusing fire fighters of bending the licence plate of a car on his property. Police tell me the incident never happened, nor was there a report made.

Ayers then two weeks or so ago sent me pictures of my house at 2am. Then saying he was going to shoot my house up. I admit I lost it at this point and went to confront him and his friend Ryan Ehrman. They ran and would not say anything face to face. I let this all go and still did not call the cops.

Ayers then on Thursday 2/1 did something so serious that the police had to get involved. Ayers for some odd reason pulled up in front of my house in front of my camera, and shot a BB gun at my windows multiple times. ALL of this is on camera. NONE of my windows broke. It was more like the little pain in the ass was just trying to get me to snap.

Yes, I have a past criminal record, In fear I was going to end up hurting this kid  911 was called. Troopers were well aware of Ayers and his actions as of late. Troopers stated Ayers was under investigation for other incidents as well as stalking and threatening a pregnant woman at the mall.

I let this go and said “maybe give the kid a warning” I honestly after sitting in jail for a decade wish jail on no one. Ayers then for some reason went onto a page bragging that he shot my house up the night before because he was being “bullied” I have actually talked to Ayers about how our ribbing keeps our numbers up on our pages.

State Police contacted the District Attorney on call after seeing the comments online and the decision was made to arrest Ayers.

Ayers within the last month and his friends Ryan Ehrman and Austin Ehrman have went off of the deep end. Threatening pregnant women, stalking a girl in the City of Butler. Everyone that watches his page realizes he has gone off his rocker as of late.

Ultimately I am all for the online ribbing and such, what I am not down for is a person following me, recording my house or coming onto my property more then I seem to be at home. I mean it was getting creepy.

I can not go into all of the details due to this being an open case. What I can say is what he was doing was troublesome hence why he is in jail. And will probably go to jail for a while.

Ayers really went off the rocker on Friday posting false video of “me” at his house-Then went on to call me over 60 times Friday night up until the time Troopers showed up to arrest him. I have recordings of around 20 of these calls. If I release the recordings I am not sure.

He consented to recording. Him and his friends seemed out of their minds Friday night.

I am not all that sure I will be making anymore statements on the Ayers case. I am in disbelief someone would destroy their lives over a Facebook page. Literally, this kid called me with hours of ramblings of how the Butler Eagle and Butler News sucked and how he was going to “get” members of the Butler Eagle and Butler News. It was just some off the wall stuff. For some reason this kid was obsessed with me and Ron from the Butler Eagle-even going onto ramble telling me the other night that Ron is next after he gets me.

Ayers has made fake Butler News pages, sent out racist things using the name Butler News, Ayers went onto make a hate page about Butler News that a lot of you know. I let it all go on long enough before I took legal and civil action.

I thank everyone for the support and even the hate. Everyone has the right to tell me the page is awesome or sucks, you do not have the right to stalk a person and try to destroy them, destroy personal property etc.

Happy Saturday everyone.





  1. Hi. I’m an ex friend of Ayers. Not fond of him at all. I don’t want to agitate anybody, but can you do me a favor? Can you contact me and send copies of the video of all of this? Additionally, I heard that Mrs. Ayers was in on the harassment too. Do you have call audio or voicemail of such? I do not post such material, but I have a very distinct group of interest that wishes to analyze this.


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