Butler Pennsylvania

Austin Ayers,19, makes a fool of himself on the news


Austin Ayers, 19, of 601 Prospect road took to channel 11 news at 11 on Tuesday to articulate that he had nothing to do with the BB gun shooting at Justin Castilyns place, but went on within three seconds to say that he told Ryan Ehrman, 17, “not to do it”

Ayers is charged with multiple felonies and was the talk of the ham radio community last night, one member whom I will not name said he talked to Ayers and Ayers said he was no where near the incident when it happened, and that this was all made up and that the Police are against him.

Ayers confessed that he gave Ehrman the BB gun and told Ehrman to shoot the house, Ayers then gave the BB gun to the Trooper that arrested him, along with the fact he was strapped up with a tazer.

Ayers Preliminary is 2-14-2018 At 10:45 AM in Saxonburg. I suspect I will see a few of you there.



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