5 time convicted shoplifter tries burning Kohls-ends up arrested again

Amanda Beck,33, of Butler, A  five-time convicted shoplifter was arrested for the same crime after she was caught allegedly trying to take $340 worth of merchandise at the Kohl’s store at the Butler Crossing shopping plaza.

After security caught Beck she tried to waddle off into the parking lot, making it down the road before she was found out of breath and arrested in the parking lot.

Beck, was arraigned on a felony count of retail theft and placed in the Butler County Prison on $25,000 bail.




  1. Here is a situation where the harsh legal system of an Arab country may of worked much better than ours. First offense (which generally is more like the second or third offense) Left hand cut off (usually with a sword and there is no anesthesia) Second offense, right hand goes. Third time, depending on the situation and severity death or a long miserable prison sentence. Our court system should be somewhat accountable for letting this happen.


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