Butler County asks for Crystal Starnes lawsuit to be dismissed

Butler County Court system has responded to a lawsuit filed by a county probation officer accusing President Judge Thomas Doerr of sexual misconduct and other county employees of workplace discrimination.

Plaintiff Crystal Starnes alleges a years-long sexual affair with Doerr that began shortly before she was hired as a county probation officer, which in turn led to the workplace discrimination by Holman.

“Even assuming Starnes can establish a breach of the Release which resurrects her pre-2014 claims, those claims are time-barred because she claims to have suffered discrete discriminatory acts, as opposed to an ongoing pattern of a hostile work environment,” the motion states.

The motion also attempts to have all counts against Holman dismissed, stating that “Starnes’ Fourteenth Amendment equal protection claim based on gender must be dismissed because she fails to allege that Holman had any direct involvement in actions treating differently from similarly situated males.”

“First Amendment Retaliation for Engaging in Protected Activity must be dismissed because Starnes did not engage in protected activity as her actions involved purely personal matters and the allegedly retaliatory action was not sufficient to deter others from exercising their constitutional rights,” and “There are no facts alleged in the Second Amended Complaint to support a Fourteenth Amendment claim based on procedural due process.”

Over the next several months, the lawsuit alleges Doerr used his influence to have Starnes hired in August 2005. After she was hired, the lawsuit claims Doerr continued a sexual relationship with her, and the woman “felt that she had little choice and did not resist his command,” when he summoned her to his chambers for sex.

When she ended the liaison with Doerr after four years she was subjected to workplace discrimination from the judge and several other people working in the county court system, the lawsuit alleges.




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