Butler Pennsylvania

John Best, 28, arrested for shoplifting at Boscov’s

John  Best, 28, of Petrolia was arrested in a weekend shoplifting incident at a Clearview Mall store in Center Township.

Police said Best was identified on a Boscov’s surveillance video as stealing $155 worth of merchandise, primarily children’s clothing, about 2 p.m. Saturday. He was arraigned on misdemeanor counts of retail theft and receiving stolen property, and placed in Butler County Prison on $30,000 bail.



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    • Dude I’m sure u are an outstanding cutizen..gtfoh. you wanna point fingers get a hold of me so u can do it to my face pussy, talks cheap


  1. Yea shoplifting….trust me it could be a lot worse!!! Go run your mouth to a mutha fucker pointing a 38 at you or sum shit, see how fast you get knocked off that high horse your on…..DICK!


  2. Brother Ashley you think the macho Man fears guns? Oh no I don’t. I have two big guns on my arms at all time oh yeah. Let me tell you something brother instead of good will shopping for kids clothes like he could afford or else stopping his drug habit for a month now he will have fines to pay which will take more food from his kids. Turn the 38 on himself/yourself. Oh yeah

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