Judge denies Doerr’s motion to dismiss Crystal Starnes sexual harassment case

U.S. District Court Judge Cathy Bissoon has ruled that the civil lawsuit filed by a county probation officer against Butler County President Judge Thomas Doerr can continue as-filed, after his legal team attempted to have certain aspects of the case struck from the public record so he can cover up his disgusting ways.

“The Court finds that the challenged averments are arguably relevant to, among other things, Plaintiff’s claim that her interactions with Doerr after ending their sexual relationship created a hostile work environment and violated her First Amendment right to free association. To the extent the challenged allegations are potentially prejudicial and/or likely to confuse a fact-finder, the Court will have the ability to address these concerns through appropriate pretrial orders and/or careful jury selection, if the action proceeds to that stage.”




  1. And this is who we leave to make some of the biggest decisions on custody cases for our children’s well being???? Time to rid him and streib from the corrupt make making scheme in butler, take keckeschemthy with you. Who’s gonna be his divorce lawyer….i bet Lori doerr would give him a good deal for counsel…what a joke Butler and “pastor Holman”…puke!


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