Butler Pennsylvania

Austin Ayers preliminary is 2-14-2018, here is his list of charges-and what he was arrested with

As most people know Austin Ayers, 19, of 601 Prospect Road was arrested last week for “shooting up” the home of Justin Castilyn, the owner of Butler News. Ayers is known for his off the wall antics and his page that has changed names 100 times in a year. Due to all of the questions I have been given the go to release videos, images, and Ayers criminal charges.

As people might know Ayers went on Channel 11 news last week and made things a lot worse for himself on video, stating “I knew nothing about the incident, but I told him not to do it”

Ayers is charged with the following. (And his charges and court times can be seen by clicking this link)


# Charge Grade Description Offense Dt. Disposition
1 18 § 903 §§ A1 F3 Criminal Conspiracy Engaging – Discharge Of A
Firearm Into Occupied Structure
2 18 § 903 F3 Conspiracy – Discharge Of A Firearm Into Occupied
3 18 § 908.1 §§ C M1 Prohibited Possession 02/02/2018
4 18 § 2705 M2 Recklessly Endangering Another Person 02/02/2018

Ayers was arrested and his mother made his $50,000.00 bond on Saturday morning last week. He was only incarcerated for 12 hours, since his incarceration he has went blank online-as well as the Butler News hate pages have stopped completely.

So here is what Ayers is charged with, here is the criminal affidavit. Ayers has court on the 14th at 10:15 am in Saxonburg. I suspect along with the news and his mother, I will see some of the people that do not appreciate Ayers antics there.. Several firefighters have expressed interest in going to Ayers Preliminary hearing this coming week.

Ayers was arrested with the following items.

  1. X26 Taser, Ayers is banned from any sort of weapon State Police tell me due to a past incident and a mental health ban.
  2. Ayers was caught wearing a holdster for the X26 stun gun
  3. Ayers and Ehrman handed the BB gun used in the shooting over to the State Police.

Ayers and Ryan Ehrman were well known by State Police, whom have delbt with several reports as of late due to his actions, and reports over Ayers driving a car that looks just like a police car, as well as Ayers is alleged to have pulled over a truck in Kittanning in said Police car.

Ayers court hearing is on the 14th in Saxonburg at 10:15 am

Austin Aryers


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