Butler Pennsylvania

PFAs are tools for protection-and a way to destroy someones life

The Butler Eagle wrote a wonderful piece this weekend promoting the use of the Protection from Abuse system, but the truth is the PFA system is widely abused, used to take homes, and children from men and women in divorce cases and custody cases. And sometimes like myself, a false pfa can be filed by people you have not seen in years. Click the link to read about how a PFA cost me thousands filed by a girl I have not seen in years, she never showed for court, and the PFA was dismissed after a lot of attorney fees.


The Butler Eagle talked to Linda Strachan of VOICe whom is new and does not have any active duties other then being trained at the moment, Linda said the following to the Butler Eagle “PFAs are a “great tool,” to help protect people, “but it’s just a start,” said Linda Strachan, executive director of Victim Outreach Intervention Center (VOICe).

“I do think it’s really about the protection it can afford our clients who come to us in need,” she added”

Tom Holman, (Who is involved in a sexual harassment lawsuit and has no right to speak on this) told the Eagle the following “the numbers are “totally driven by behavior in the community” and as people get a better understanding of what PFAs are, those numbers can rise and fall”

PFAs can be filed with the Domestic Relations Office at the Butler County Courthouse, or with on-call Magisterial District judges after business hours.

Those emergency PFAs issued by magistrate judges are valid until the next day, when a petitioner must then file for a temporary PFA. Once it is filed, even if false, you are screwed!

The complaint is then reviewed by the Family Court judge,who GRANTS the PFA 98 percent of the time in Streibs court, and 97 percent of the time in the former Doerrs courtroom. (Now McCune) McCune in fact has been making waves by dismissing PFAs he feels that meet no burden and are false. But as of this point, 77 percent are granted by McCune

In the Butler Eagle hit piece they posted the following about the PFA system. “The mission is to establish and maintain a database that includes all PFA proceedings in the Commonwealth. It is a computer archival system designed to complement the operation of the Pennsylvania State Police Protection Order Registry, according to the program’s website”

Pennsylvanians are increasingly turning to a more than 2-year-old state law that expanded protective orders for victims of sexual violence and intimidation, and state lawmakers are debating whether to make additional improvements to the system.

The Sexual Violence and Intimidation Act that went into effect in July 2015 created two new types of orders beyond PFA orders that have long been available to restrict contact from an intimate partner or a family member.

Other changes to state law regarding protective orders are pending in the legislature, including bills that would make available police or deputies for protection for the time when a protective order is being served on someone, end the practice of turning over firearms under a court order to a third party instead of to police or a gun dealer, make it easier to extend an order if someone is getting out of jail, and let judges use risk assessment tools when setting bail for defendants in domestic violence cases, according to The Associated Press.

A PFA is a much needed tool for protecting victims, but it is abused and used against mostly men to have them evicted from homes, a silver bullet in child custody, I think most would agree that when a woman or man files a false PFA that this should be an arrestable offence.

Look what happened to me, I had a crazy bitch I have not talked to in years text me via Facebook one night, saying she wanted to hang out when she was in town. Her name was SHAUNA RETTIG of Pulaski Ny. She messaged me and I said I would rather do something to myself then get near her. The next day I am served with a PFA, saying I sent this wacko hundreds of texts. I did not and that was proven, KAREN BERG then took the PFA and went into court after I paid an attorney and BEGGED the courts to continue the hearing as Rettig was not a Pennsylvania resident. After paying attorney costs and this crazy bitch trying to get me violated several times saying I text her, a year later Rettig never showed for court. Costing me legal fees, and basically destroyed my life for a year. To say the least, the system needs changed. And you can read the Rettig case by again clicking the link below.





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