Butler Pennsylvania

Jerry Bundy of Leasureville road posts fake, racist, derogatory comments using the Butler News name

Jerry Bundy of 505 Leasureville Road Cabot Pa for some odd reason has taken it upon himself to post fake, derogatory and racist comments using the Butler News name to other local news pages.

Bundy earlier in the day was banned from Butler News for spamming the page and using racist language, saying on the page that all African Americans should be incarcerated. Not using the word “African American”

Bundy took to his page in turn posting fake screen caps that have no association to this page, these screen caps are now floating around. Why someone would do this is beyond me. But it is uncalled for, unnecessary and racism and slurs will not be tolerated on this page.

Bundy can be contacted in the following ways via phone at (724) 353-2885

Butler News does not approve of this type of behavior, and making up fake profiles on  Sunday afternoon is surely pathetic as can be.

Why Bundy felt the need to do this is unknown.


27867060_945418312281094_3385798966952778537_n (1)

HERE is a copy of the REAL conversation that took place.


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