Butler Pennsylvania

Tonight is the council meeting that will amend the 2018 budget

Credit Tom Donaldson Facebook


Well tonight is the council meeting that will amend the 2018 budget in the City of Butler. Will the changes be approved or will the original budget stay in place? Councilman Mike Walter did a great job putting the original budget in place, myself and all 4 members of council voted to approve that budget. If it was good enough to pass twice last year , why now would Corey Roche, Kenny Bonus and Mike Walter vote to change it? Hopefully they will vote to keep the tax cut in place and to keep the previously approved 2018 budget in place. No need to question their integrity until after tonight’s vote.

This budget also will charge the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Butler a ridiculous amount of money for the use of the previously empty offices at the tier garage. We moved the Authority to this location to help in the process of stabilizing the finances of the Authority. How can anyone at the council table support this ridiculous amount or any amount when the property is owned by the city and has been vacant since the County moved out. This appears to be a direct attempt by some on council to undermine and sabotage the Authority!
Apparently some who ran in the last election have agendas which will not help with the revitalization of our neighborhoods and downtown. Watch and wait the true colors and motives will undoubtedly be revealed.
So far nothing out of the new bunch but mindless drivel and trying to look smart and cautious.
I’m going through my emails, texts and notes from several years ago. Let’s see what happens. I may decide to shed some light on some of the actions being suggested.



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