Butler City Council Votes to revise budget-Bens getting new lights outside of his bar!

This new budget, with equal revenues and expenses at just over $9 million, was approved at a special meeting Monday by council members Jeff Smith, Kenny Bonus and Mayor Ben Smith. Council members Mike Walter and Corey Roche were not present.

This budget includes a return to the 2017 street lighting tax rate of 3.25 mils. That tax had been decreased by 1 mil in the previous version of the budget approved by council in December. Two city employees will receive a wage increase but the rest will make the same amount that they did last year. That decision could be revisited once contract negotiations have taken place with the unions representing city firefighters and police.

The budget also includes a request of $15,000 in rent from the City Redevelopment Authority for occupying the bottom floor office space in the Tier Garage which they were offered at no cost last year.

The new council is proving their ignorance so far.




  1. Yahoo! Thanks to the new mayor we will have a brewery, cigar bar, and new lights! Now, if somebody would open a swinger’s club in downtown Butler we could have beer, cigars, and sex; a trifecta! Rumor has it one popular couple with strong Butler ties is already active in the lifestyle. Let the festivities begin!

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