Former Mayoral Candidates (Jaime Lee) son hits and runs three cars, high on drugs

Devin Goehring, 18, of Butler was charged with drugged driving stemming from a Jan. 4 crash in the 400 block of South Monroe Street.

Police said they got the call shortly after 11:30 p.m. and learned that a car had struck three other vehicles parked along the road.

The owner of one of those vehicles told police that the driver was seen going to a house on the block.

Goehring later came out of the house, and police questioned him about the accident.

He was very high and  impaired during field sobriety testing and was taken to Butler Memorial Hospital for a blood test. Toxicology reports eventually confirmed he had marijuana in his system. Police were so concerned Butler Ambulance was called for a possible overdose in progress to Oak Street in Butler-the home of Jamie Lee.

Goehring is charged with driving under the influence of a controlled substance.

If anyone remembers Butler News broke the call of the overdose at Lees house. Lee went on a rant, sent her friends over to Butler News to harass the page.

It just shows Lee is trash, Lee denied this and said it was due to a concussion. In fact the 911 call was for a possible overdose in progress.

Lee is in custody court at the moment fighting for her other children as the other children’s father wants to remove the kids from the house due to the drugs inside of Lees home.


Here was Lee’s statement to my post. Ignorant Bitch.



  1. Jamie Lee, he was charged. The cops didn’t charge the “snow and ice.” Quit blaming everyone else. Do you hope the cops grow the fuck up, too?

    Look in the mirror, Menchyk. Disgusting narcissist.


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