Austin Ayers, 19, turns snitch on Ryan Ehrman,17, at preliminary hearing this morning

Austin Ayers 19, of 601 Prospect Road appeared in court this morning for his preliminary hearing in Saxonburg. Ayers arrived early for the hearing and asked for Police protection or for the Police to make sure he is alright as “Castilyn is here”

Ayers was granted a public defender named Ryan Hensel. Ayers arrived at the preliminary dressed in a suit that looked like he just picked out of the hamper, the suit did not fit right,hair uncombed and looked as if it was filled with oil.

Ayers at one point was in the hallway telling anyone who would listen that he did nothing wrong, and that all he did was give Ryan Ehrman the BB gun to shoot the house, telling his attorney at one point he will take this to the Supreme Court to fight, when Ayers was told this is not something that would be dropped today, Ayers openly started to cry in the hallway. Ayers then said he knows a lot about Butler, and could give the police a lot of information, and he would fully testify and work with police to “lock up” Ehrman”

Ayers in no way would get near Castilyn today, Ayers stuck with his attorney and police that had no intention of protecting him if something did happen.

All the while this was going on the Butler Eagle reporter sat and read an ebook while this was all going on. GREAT REPORTING! The Eagle reporter that I sat near never asked Castilyn a single question.

Ayers was in the hallway saying he has screen caps of being bullied, and that he has never bothered a person before. Ayers in the hallway said he was bullied and scared.

Ayers was arrested and charged with the following.

Ayers is charged with the following. (And his charges and court times can be seen by clicking this link)

# Charge Grade Description Offense Dt. Disposition
1 18 § 903 §§ A1 F3 Criminal Conspiracy Engaging – Discharge Of A
Firearm Into Occupied Structure
2 18 § 903 F3 Conspiracy – Discharge Of A Firearm Into Occupied
3 18 § 908.1 §§ C M1 Prohibited Possession 02/02/2018
4 18 § 2705 M2 Recklessly Endangering Another Person 02/02/2018

Ayers was arrested and his mother made his $50,000.00 bond on Saturday morning last week. He was only incarcerated for 12 hours, since his incarceration he has went blank online-as well as the Butler News hate pages have stopped completely.

Ayers waived the charges to court, counts two and three were dismissed this morning since he waived this to court.

Ayers seemed confused in front of the Judge, often when the Judge was talking to Ayers he would just stare in the air. Ayers did answer a few questions that I could not understand due to his speech impediment.

Damage estimates to the home Ayers and his friend shot up with BB guns is a little over $5000.00 in damage due to holes in the siding, two cracks in the vintage windows.

Ayers had no comment, and ran from Castilyn like the bitch he is.

Austin Aryers



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