New Castle woman that abused elderly residents gets probation

Ashley N. Wilcox, 23, of 2087 Martin Road, entered an Alford plea in which a defendant in a criminal case accepts the plea but does not admit to the criminal act.

She had been employed at Golden Hill Nursing Home when the allegations against her were made to the nursing home and the police by co-workers.

Wilcox will be sentenced at 9:30 a.m. March 28 in Cox’s court. The sentence recommended by assistant district Attorney Jonathan Miller is three consecutive 90-day terms of probation. Her plea was to three summary charges of harassment for subjecting others to physical contact. Miller noted those represent one count for each of three victims.

The 13 other counts against her, which include six misdemeanors each of stalking and simple assault, and three other summary offenses, will be dropped as part of the plea agreement.

Wilcox is the 2nd most popular person in the history of this website, only to be trumped by Jordan Lambing

Here is the previous post that talks about her original set of charges




  1. I bet POS Lambing hopes to get the same judge. He’ll get a sentence of Time Served, and win a law suit against Butler County. That Bi#*& should be in prison for several counts of attempted murder. Of course that was Lawrence county so if anyone wants to commit a crime other than rob Walmart you would be ahead to go west a few miles. PA
    Injustice system is just that.


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