Third time is the charm when it comes to sentencing heroin dealer

A former Butler man was sentenced in county court on Monday to nearly 12 years in prison for the third time, after appealing his previous sentences on legal grounds to the Pennsylvania Superior Court.

Jeroyd Conyers, 42, was sentenced Monday to 11½ to 22½ years in State Prison, really getting nothing back for his legal efforts.

Conyers was originally sentenced to a term of 12 to 24 years incarceration after pleading guilty to six felony charges in five cases, including possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and former convict not to possess a weapon, in October 2013.

Coyners argued the legality of the sentence due to the mandatory minimum sentences imposed. The Superior Court previously deemed mandatory minimum sentences unconstitutional unless there was a specific jury finding, which had not occurred because Conyers pleaded guilty.

Conyers was on probation for two Butler County cases, a drug violation and a simple assault, when the new arrests occurred.




  1. wow out on bail and busted again. cauliflower head. the difference between cauliflower and boogers,, little kids won’t eat cauliflower! so he’s safe. yes another dealer off our streets


  2. This county is so corrupt its a wonder they bothered to arrest him at all. there is no money to be had from a guy like him. they only worry about who might be driving through butler with a taillight out. the drug problem in our town could be solved with proper policing. Yes I know their hands are tied by the the country club assholes who have always had the sway in our town.


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