Kayla Lutz held for trial after shoplifting at Walmart

Kayla Lutz was held for trial in a shop lifting case she swore she just forgot about. At the preliminary hearing we had a Butler News rep there. Lutz went on at her preliminary saying that she in fact did not need a attorney or Public defender, telling the Judge that this was just a mistake that she placed multiple items on the bottom of the cart. The Magistrate then asked her if she was able to pay for the items and she said “no I have no job” The Judge then held her for trial at the court house.


Lutz went ape shit crazy after the arrest was posted on Butler News saying she would bet me thousands that her case would be dismissed at the preliminary. Here are the links to the first articles posted about Lutz arrest.

Click the link to read the past articles.



Lutz made the following statement after her arrest on Facebook.

“We did NOT intentionally steal from Wal-Mart. This incident happened about a week before thanksgiving and the place was super packed. We had a lot of stuff in our buggy. Aria (about 2 months old) started getting cranky so we went to check out and as we were starting to check out.. they have a lady employee who is like 90 and limps. Someone didn’t want a case of water so she was carrying it back and was struggling so I told Derek to go help her. Well aria started to really scream her lungs out so I tried rushing. Now please remember, first time mom (running on no sleep for months) so when she freaks out I freak out. Derek came back and couldn’t find the binky to calm her down so I told him to hurry and go get more and we will buy them. They were packed and people were staring so to kill time i paid for the stuff we got..He came back and I paid for those and we barely even thru the scanner things and an employee comes up and says we didn’t pay for the 2 things on the bottom of the cart. I apologized, offered to pay for the stuff, showed them I at least had the money. They had to call the cops and the manager. The cops asked the manager if they wanted to do a no trespassing and she said no bc she believed us. I don’t know why Derek got charged when he wasn’t even there the whole time except to hand me binkys. My family and friends know I’m a very forgetful person as it is. Add no sleep and a crying baby, I just wasn’t thinking about those things on the bottom. I have no record and I always wanted it to stay that way. Butler news guy lied about what happened and then deleted everything. So here is the truth.”

So it is clear Lutz lied when giving out her “true” statement of the incident at hand.

Lutz without an attorney making a statement at the preliminary all but admitted her guilt during her hearing where she demanded the charges be dismissed basically because she said so.




One comment

  1. when does the other half of “dumb and dumber” go on trial? lie cheat and steal your way threw life. hmmmm . one would think the “foreman” at mcdonalds would be able to pay the baby momma n shit


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